Fast and frantic action on four wheels


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Pressure is a combination of action and racing, where the player is invited to participate in crazy, Mario Kart style races, getting the better of your competitors with a large arsenal of weaponry.

Like with all race games, Pressure can be enjoyed alone or with friends in co-op or competition mode. However, Pressure also comes with a full story mode in which you compete over 30 different levels.

The local co-op mode allows players to enjoy the craziness of Pressure in split screen mode. Each player can choose their own driver and vehicle and take part in various fun competitions. Also, the 'final bosses' will prove equally challenging for one or two players.

Pressure is a really enjoyable arcade racer where you can get pretty close to the full Mario Kart experience on your PC.

The demo version of the game includes a limited number of tracks and drivers.

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